Thinking about deleting my tumblr..

I just don’t enjoy doing this anymore.


I deleted my tumblr a while ago cause all the decent people that got me hard left but now you are back, the one that got me the hardest. I might just have to make another tumblr. Shame you aren't in Australia, keep being drop dead sexy babe. Xo ;)

Thanks! You should, I would definitely follow ya! ;)

You are gorgeous!!! Would you submit a pic to my blog? :* maybe wanna start a small chat? :)

I don’t submit pictures anymore, I get too many requests for it. But I’m always up for a chat (:

do you have any pictures of you getting fucked?

No, but I have a vid on my blog. Maybe I’ll post some pics someday ;)

Ever since I found your tumblr Ive been constantly jerking off. You're so sexy and dirty. I love girls like you who can openly say they love sucking on a big fat cock and love getting slammed by one too ;] biggest turn on. Keep it up sexy girl! Love your titties by the way ;]

Thank you! And I’m glad I could help you out hehe ;)